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Our team has always been defined by unique and talented people applying their skill and experience to our clients’ projects. Throughout the years we’ve built our business on the strength of our relationships. We continue to provide the same memorable quality and service at every step of the journey.

Today, Behal Sampson Dietz is an innovative architecture and construction firm organized to lead the entire design and construction process. From initial planning and design, through costing and project construction, we deliver a custom design-build experience. As styles change and trends come and go, Behal Sampson Dietz will continue to offer our clients a personalized design experience—one that brings their vision into reality.


We believe our clients are discerning and insightful. By integrating them into our process, we deliver designs that are unique expressions of who they are. Success is not only measured by our creativity and craftsmanship, but the quality of the relationships we build.


Our firm is a unique place built on relationships, where experts share ownership of innovative ideas across disciplines and work hard together to bring them to life. Every member of our team is grounded by a down-to-earth mindset, mutual respect and a relentless commitment to deliver for our clients.

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Unique challenges, collaboration, and excellence

Behal Sampson Dietz believes in hiring a team of highly skilled individuals who demonstrate a passion for their profession and their community. We look beyond project-specific needs with an eye toward long term planning and seek candidates who are both technically proficient, and demonstrate an appreciation of architecture, design, and exploration.

We are always interested in reviewing potential employees' credentials and how they may engage in our practice. Please feel free to send your resume to us for consideration.