Private Residence


Located in a beautiful wooded ravine in Upper Arlington, this project is unique for it’s location as well as for the home itself. The original house was designed by famed Columbus architect Byron Ireland in 1962 as his personal residence.

The 60’s style architecture of the home complimented the new owner’s love of mid-century modern and inspired the project’s updated direction. The floor plan was opened to adapt to the lifestyle of an active young family. By implementing a clean, modern approach to detailing, and recognition of material quality, the interior spaces became at once practical, as well as rich in texture and color.

The existing garage was renovated into a studio/pool house with a new carport to link the house and studio building visually, keeping with the modern parameters of the existing home's street façade. The clients’ environmental sensitivity offered the opportunity to incorperate materials developed from recycled or rapidly renewable recourses.

In the end the client gained a beautifully renovated home in line with both their personal lifestyle considerations, and their passion for Mid-Century American architecture.

Awards and Publications

  • Featured in Columbus CEO, September 2010